About Us

TaxTrim LLC helps homeowners determine if they are over-assessed by using comprehensive statistical analyses that compare their home to all similar homes near them, including recent sales. If they *are* over-assessed, we help them prove it to their local officials. Our customers routinely save thousands of dollars on their property taxes (and once savings are obtained, they continue year after year).

In a previous incarnation, we did a lot of direct mail to individuals who we could tell were probably over-assessed, encouraging them to contact their assessors and argue for a reduction. We then provided all the necessary paperwork, choosing the best possible "comps" and putting together a comprehensive case for presentation to the assessor, the review board, and small claims court. We even included pictures of many of the homes, and provided extensive telephone support. It was quite time-consuming.

In order to grow the business, we knew that we needed to automate everything we possibly could. Aside from getting pictures, we have now done that. All of our knowledge and experience from years of putting together good cases, and helping hundreds of customers save untold thousands of dollars, has now been worked into the algorithms for our new automated solution.

And now, in addition to that, we have decided to provide all of the analyses for free! For the first time ever, we have pre-analyzed every home in our coverage area (currently all of upstate New York), and are providing all of those details to anyone who wants them. This analysis would take many many hours to do by hand, *if* you had all the data on every house within 20 miles of you, and knew exactly the right way to compare them. Knowing how your tax assessment compares to your neighbors with similar homes, and recent sales, is invaluable in determining whether to pursue a tax grievance case.


TaxTrim is the brainchild of Charles D. Rubin, its Founder and President. Mr. Rubin grew up in the Hudson Valley and graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1987. He is a professional database architect, running a boutique consulting business focused on cloud data warehouses and database-intensive websites. You can see his other work here: http://catskilldata.com. His clients have included Goldman Sachs, Salomon Brothers, Bank of America, Intel, IBM, and the ACLU. He also worked for six years as the Senior Database Architect at White Mountains Re, a $7 billion global reinsurance company. Most of his career has focused on developing high-performance database applications. He currently lives in Dutchess County with his wife and two children.

Mr. Rubin grieved his own taxes in 2008, and got a 25% tax reduction. As a database expert, he assembled data on every house in his town and ran statistical comparisons, quickly realizing that he was at the far end of the Bell Curve. He was able to put together a comprehensive spreadsheet with dozens of properties that proved his point (adding in pictures of similar homes with lower assessments or sales prices). This saved him about $2,000 a year, for every year going forward. For about 10 minutes in front of the review board!

Afterwards, he realized that putting together a carefully constructed argument based on massive amounts of data was not easy for most people, and the idea for a company was born. The government makes people go through a lot of hoops to get their property taxes lowered, but the hardest part is providing the proof that you are over-assessed. Now, this is an online service that we can perform in seconds for a very modest fee. And you can always hand-tune your case using our tools.

Although Mr. Rubin is the driving force, many other people have been involved. We have consulted carefully with professional appraisers and real estate brokers to develop our algorithms, and we have a variety of people helping out with website development, IT support, customer service, and business development. We have been in business since 2009, and have helped hundreds of people lower their taxes.

Our future plans include expansion into other states, and eventually nation-wide. Our aim is to take the mystery out of property taxes, and make sure that no one is paying more than they should be.